Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs

The Unbearable Itch

August 31, 2021 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 32
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
The Unbearable Itch
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A young bear searches the forest, desperate to rid himself of an unbearable itch. What he finds is a magical place that all bears dream of. This silly rhyming story is perfect for children of all ages or anyone who's had an itch they couldn't quite scratch.

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This episode is called, The Unbearable Itch

There was a young bear,
With a terrible itch. 
The itch was so bad, 
His body would twitch. 

But how could he scratch,
This terrible itch?
A rock or a branch? 
He didn't know which.

He tried with a branch,
But it didn’t reach.
He tried on a rock,
That he found on the beach.

But the itch didn’t leave.
It was there to stay.
The little bear roared,
"Itch please go away!"

But Itch wouldn’t listen.
It gave not a care
How much that it bothered
That young little bear. 

Bear spotted his brother,
Asleep in a ditch.
He must know how
To get rid of this itch.

"Wake up. Big Brother"
He said with a roar,
“I need help with an itch
That I cannot ignore."

His big brother yawned,
"That’s easy”, he said
Rocks will not work 
Use a tree trunk instead.”

"But not any trunk.
Use the one we love most,
The wonderful, magical 
Bear Scratching Post”

So little bear travelled,
Through fields and through streams, 
To the part of the forest
That granted bear dreams.

And there in the middle 
A magnificent tree.
As tall as the sky, 
And as wide as the sea.

And all round the tree
He saw such a sight,
Where Bears of all sizes
Danced in delight.

They danced up and down.
They danced left and right.
They wiggled and giggled.
In cool morning light.

He looked at the bears, 
Their movements all matching,
And realized the dance
Was really just scratching!

He ran to his brothers,
And bear sisters too,
Put his back to the tree;
He knew just what to do.

He started to wiggle,
Around and around.
He started to jiggle.
What joy he had found!

His shoulders would shimmy.
His hips would sway.
His tiny bear bum
Went every which way!

And soon, that itch,
Well, it’s met its match.
Now that the young bear,
Found a place he could scratch.

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