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Lost Hallway: Where do Lost Things Go?

July 12, 2021 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 31
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
Lost Hallway: Where do Lost Things Go?
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This episode is a reading of my picture book, Lost Hallway: Where do Lost Things Go? Can Griffin find his dog and his ball? Find out as he explores a magical world that contains all lost things. It won't be easy, the Hallway doesn't like to give things back!

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Musings and Other Nonsense. Whimsical stories, songs and poems for children. Written and read by Peter G. Reynolds -  that's me!

In this special episode, I will be reading from my picture book Lost Hallway: Where do Lost Things Go? This book was inspired by my son, who asked me "From the time things are lost, till the time they're found, where do they go?" And as a children's author, my answer of course was, "A magical world that contains all lost things".

In this exciting adventure, kids will learn the importance of keeping track of their belongings and the satisfaction that comes when you find them yourself. The paperback book is available to purchase online on Amazon, the Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and a signed hardcover is available on Etsy. The ebook version is available for immediate reading on Amazon.

Lost Hallway: Where Do Lost Things Go?

Griffin was sad—
So terribly so. 

Did my dog run away?
Where did my ball go?

You see Griffin had lost them.
They were nowhere around. 

He searched and he searched,
But they couldn’t be found. 

Now Griffin’s a child,
So he couldn’t know,

That all lost things
Have just one place to go.

Gloves, socks, 
A young person’s way,

All can be found 
In the Lost Hallway.

It’s a strange sort of place
This Hallway they say.

It goes on forever,
Well, forever less a day.

It holds all the things
You can’t seem to find.

Its rooms are just bulging 
With things of all kinds.

Rooms filled with keys,
Rooms filled with pets,

Rooms filled with socks
And even lost bets.

Rooms filled with phones
And rooms filled with hair

Hey, that’s where dad’s went—
It’s right over there!

Now the reason that things
Can be real hard to find

Is the Hallway is selfish
And often unkind.

It likes to keep things,
It will always resist

For without these things
It will cease to exist. 

But there is a cool trick
To find your pet or your ball.

Are you ready? Here it is:
Try not looking at all.

Not up. Not down.
Not left. Not right.

Often when you’re not looking
It’s there in plain sight.

Try retracing your steps.
Where did you see it last.

Try thinking about 
Where it was in the past. 

Now Griffin was clever
So he thought very hard.

Where was my dog last? 
We played in the yard…

…with a stick, then a bone…
WAIT, we had a ball!

Playing catch was my dog’s
Favorite game most of all. 

So outside Griffin ran
Off the porch to the ground…

And there was his dog
And his ball.

They’d been found. 

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