Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs

The Little Shuttle (Part 2)

May 17, 2021 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 29
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
The Little Shuttle (Part 2)
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Deep in outer space, a little spaceship wishes she was more than just a shuttle. But is she ready for all the cosmic dangers out there? Find out in the conclusion to this exciting rhyming story. Perfect for spaceships of all ages. Part 2 of 2.

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And now Part 2, the exciting conclusion of The Little Shuttle.

The armada then jumped
To a new destination.
Now satisfied with 
The complete devastation.

Shuttle dodged and weaved.
Shuttle spun and dived.
Her only thought was,
Keep my crew alive!

Her shields were down,
But she didn’t quit.
She knew she could do it -
And then he was hit!

The rock was massive,
At least twice her size.
The cabin then started
To depressurize!

She checked her fuel.
It was almost gone.
The end was in sight.
It wouldn’t be long.

Five percent, four percent,
Three, two, and one.
The engines shut down.
Her fuel was now done.

Then a sudden flash,
Were they under attack?
Oh no! thought shuttle,
The armada’s come back!

Then the radio crackled.
Is anyone there? 
Is that you shuttle? 
You gave us a scare.

Hyper? Doug? 
This must be a dream.
Then she felt the hug
Of a warm tractor beam.

It was mothership!
What a wonderful sight
She pulled Shuttle in close,
And held her real tight.

But Shuttle was nervous.
She’d endangered the mission,
By leaving the ship
Without mom’s permission.

The crew stared at her
In the large docking bay,
And then they all shouted –
Hip-hip hurray!

I’m confused, said Shuttle.
I thought you’d be mad.
After all what I did
was really quite bad. 

It was our fault.
Said Hyper and Doug.
We should have been nicer,
And not quite so smug.

You may be a shuttle,
But that’s quite a lot.
You’ve done so much more 
Than anyone thought.

Snuck past the armada.
Then rescued our crew.
We couldn’t have done it.
Now that was all you.

The shuttle was speechless. 
As everyone cheered.
She felt really good -
Which felt a bit weird.

All she ever wanted
To do was explore.
For being a shuttle
Was just such a bore.

She never imagined
That what she could do,
Would be so important
To all of her crew.

And as they repaired her
Both in and outside,
For the very first time
Her hull swelled with pride.

I may not be fast.
I may not be strong.
But I am a shuttle,
And I definitely belong.

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