Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs

The Little Shuttle (Part 1)

May 17, 2021 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 28
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
The Little Shuttle (Part 1)
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Deep in outer space, a little spaceship wishes she was more than just a shuttle. But is she ready for all the cosmic dangers out there? Find out in this exciting rhyming story. Perfect for spaceships of all ages. Part 1 of 2.

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This episode is called: The Small Shuttle, Part 1

Not too long ago. 
And not too far away.
A small shuttle sat
In a large docking bay.

She wasn’t that fast.
She flew rather slow. 
And ferried her crew
To the planet below.

But all that she wanted
To do was explore.
The vastness of space
She couldn’t ignore.

Oh please can I go?
She asked with a sob.
Her mother said no!
That isn’t your job.

Her brothers were ships,
Named Hyper and Doug.
They both were important
And acted real smug.

Hyper was fast,
Even faster than light.
Before you could blink
He’d be out of sight.

He explored every star
That ever did shine.
From Sirius B,
To Wolf three-five-nine.

I can’t help you, sis,
He said with a frown.
You can’t come with me.
You’d just slow me down.

And then there was Doug,
Who loved to mine ore.
He’d dig and he’d dig
And then he’d dig some more.

You’re too small to help,
He said, quite annoyed.
You can’t even mine
A small asteroid.

Every ship here
Has one job to do.
Not four, not three
Absolutely not two!

You’re not strong or fast.
You can’t go that far.
You are just a shuttle. 
That’s all that you are .

So, inside the bay,
She let in her crew.
It depressurized
And outside she flew.

But Shuttle was sad,
I want to be more. 
I just want to scan, 
To search and explore!

Each planet they’d visit
Was always the same.
She wished it were different,
And then her chance came.

The crew were all eating,
When during dessert,
A loud alarm rang, 
A bright red alert!

They ran to their stations,
Mothership had to flee,
And jump far away
To a new galaxy.

They ignored her completely,
So she slipped away
From her only home,
That large docking bay.

Her mom then jumped,
And she was alone.
Ten thousand light years
From what she had known.

She couldn’t be happier.
Her landing lights beamed.
This was more exciting
Then she ever dreamed.

Oh, where should I go? 
There's so many choices.
My memory banks
Have too many voices!

The planet, the moons
Or maybe the rings?
Wait. Is that a comet?
Ah! too many things.  

But before the shuttle
Could make up her mind,
An armada appeared.
They didn’t look kind.

A hundred large ships
Using hyperdrive.
They circled the planet
Like bees near a hive.

Their weapons were ready.
It looked rather dire.
And shuttle knew soon 
The armada would fire!

It made perfect sense
Why mom jumped away.
I think, thought shuttle,
I’d better not stay.

For she wasn’t fast.
And she wasn’t strong.
She was just a shuttle
She didn’t belong.

She found a nice spot,
Behind a small moon.
She hoped the armada
Would leave very soon.

She hid there for hours,
Or was it for years?
The vastness of space
Just increased her fears.

But then the radio
Sputtered to life.
A voice cried out 
That cut like a knife.

Can anyone help?
Is anyone there? 
We got left behind.
Does anyone care?

Oh no! she thought, 
Someone’s in trouble.
Someone had better
Get there on the double!

If hyper were here,
He’d already be there.
And past the armada
With time to spare.

But hyper was sleek,
With no room for crew.
No. he can’t help.
He simply won’t do.

Now, what about Doug?
He’s strong, he’s large.
He’d rescue the crew,
And really take charge.

Except, he’s too slow.
To save those marines.
They would be blasted
Into smithereens!

Then Shuttle remembered
What her brother said.
His words were hurtful
And stuck in her head.

You’re not strong or fast.
You can’t go that far.
You are just a shuttle.
That’s all that you are.

Her brother was right.
His words they were true.
And she knew exactly
What she must do.

She sent a short message,
Help is on the way.
But who would help her?
She thought with dismay.

She fired her thrusters, 
And then she just coasted,
Past enemy ships
To avoid being roasted.

And being so small,
Shuttle floated right past.
Until she was orbiting
The planet at last.

Shuttle slowly descended.
The way was quite clear.
Through thermo and meso
And then stratosphere.

Her scanner went ping!
Twenty lifeforms detected.
They stood on a cliff,
Exposed, unprotected!

She descended real fast.
Her angle too steep!
She cursed, but all
That came out was a bleep!

Then at the last moment,
Set thrusters to full.
Engage gyroscopics
Wow. that’s a mouthful

She then landed softly.
“Get in!”, she cried.
The crew ran to her,
And all got inside.

She strained to take off.
She was overloaded.
But just as she did,
The planet exploded!

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