Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs

A Town Called Care

March 22, 2021 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 25
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
A Town Called Care
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In the land of Slumber, each town competes to attract dreamers by being more fun. But in the town of Care, they try something very different. Discover what they did in this silly sleeping tale. Perfect for bedtime - or is it?

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This episode is called A Town Called Care

When we’re asleep,
There’s a place we all go.
It’s been there forever 
As far as I know.

It can only be seen 
When you close your eyes.
It’s a place filled with facts,
But also with lies. 

The place is called Slumber.
It’s not on any map.
Take a right turn at Yawn
And it’s just beyond  Nap.

Now the towns in Slumber
Need dreamers you see.
For without any dreamers
They would all cease to be.

They compete with each other,
To make your dreams fun. 
For each of them want
To be number one.

The biggest is Snooze,
Where all dreamers can fly.
That’s quite tough to beat
And I think you know why.

Next came Siesta,
Made completely of candy.
You can eat all you want
Which is really quite handy. 

In Dose there are puppies.
In Wink, it rains gold.
In Nod you are young
And never grew old.

But the smallest of all 
Was a town they call Care.
The people are sweet,
But full of despair. 

You see, unlike Snooze
Where dreamers are soaring
In the small town of Care
It is really quite boring. 

Everyone is so careful.
Everything is so nice.
That Dreamers would come
Only once, never twice.

So the town sits empty.
Everyone lives in fear.
For they know that their home
Will soon disappear.

They no longer cared
If their town would thrive
They just needed a plan
So that they’d survive

They petitioned the mayor,
Help us, they said,
“How can we get dreamers
To come here instead?”

The mayor considered,
Then answered their question,
By making a rather 
Surprising suggestion. 

"If we can’t compete 
With fun and delight; 
Perhaps we should give
The dreamers a fright!"

"A fright?" They shouted,
That would keep them away!
We need an idea 
To make them all stay!

"You don’t understand,"
The mayor explained.
"All dreamers want 
Is to be entertained."

"Shocks and frights 
Can be quite exciting.
Instead of just boring
We’ll be quite inviting."

They gave it a try. 
It was their only hope.
But the path they were on
Was a slippery slope.

Rollercoasters were added,
First one and then ten.
The Dreamers would ride them
Again and again.

It was a success.
The town started to thrive.
The dreamers would bungie
And even skydive!

Then the town added ghosts
And a monster or two. 
Why stop and shock
When you could terrify too?

And they soon realized
They didn’t need dreamers.
That they could survive 
With a town full of screamers.

So the next time you visit
The place known as slumber, 
If you ever feel frightened,
There’s no need to wonder.

You’ll know where you are.
There’s no need to guess.
It’s the town they call Care,
They just added an “s”

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