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A Bed's Bedtime Story

February 21, 2021 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 23
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
A Bed's Bedtime Story
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Single is a small bed with a big problem; he's afraid to go to sleep! But his mother the Queen has a secret to help him. Find out what it is in this dreamy bedtime story for beds. It's told in rhyme and is perfect for beds and children of all sizes. 

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This story is called A Bed’s Bedtime Story

A Bed, Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, 
There was a Single bed.
He didn’t like to go to sleep, 
His nights were filled with dread. 

He called out to his parents,
The mighty King & Queen,
“Can I sleep with both of you
I’ll squeeze right in-between?” 

He curled up in the middle,
Without any hesitation 
- And if you can picture this, 
You have quite the imagination!

Single slept there for a week,
Then two, then three, then four.
This was getting out of hand
And the King would have no more!

They sent him to his room,
Thinking it was just a game,
But his room was very scary
And it shook him to his frame.

He wished that he had siblings,
Like his friends Bunk and Twin.
Sleeping wouldn't be so scary
With someone next to him. 

But he was just a single,
So he began to cry.
The Queen heard his weeping,
And came to ask him why?

“I’m scared of all the noises.
It far too dark to see.
And what about the monster
That is hiding under me?”

The Queen held him tight, 
And kissed his forehead board.
She always listened carefully,
He never felt ignored. 

“You’re not alone”, my love.
She looked at him and smiled.
Then lifted up his covers
And revealed a sleeping child.

“You have to care for her.
That’s the job of every bed,
To give her a safe place 
Where she can rest her weary head.”

"And when you dream with her,
There is nothing you can’t be.
For their imagination
Will always set you free."

"You can be her rocket ship,
And fight in outer space.
You can be her sports car
And always win the race."

"You can be her submarine,
And explore the deep blue sea.
You can be her secret house,
Sitting high up in a tree."

Single  felt much better,
And kissed the Queen goodnight.
She paused briefly at his door
Turning on the bathroom light.

Single closed his eyes,
But then he had a thought. 
My child doesn’t always dream!
My mother had forgot!

“What about her nightmares?”
Whispered Single, terrified.
“Sometimes she dreams of monsters
And there is no place to hide!”

“Sometimes she dreams of falling
Or fire all around.
Sometimes she dreams of being lost
And never being found!”

Then Single heard a voice
From deep under the cover.
“She’s absolutely right”, it said
“Please listen to your mother.”

His child crawled from underneath.
Her eyes were bleary red.
She wasn’t sleeping after all.
She’d heard everything they said!

“Don’t worry”, said the little girl.
 She seemed very sincere.
“If I ever have a nightmare
There’s nothing you should fear.”

“If I dream of falling, 
You’ll catch me in the air.
If I dream of being lost, 
At least I know you’re there.”

 “If I dream of dragons,
You’ll be my fire truck. 
If I dream of quicksand,
You won’t let me get stuck”

He straightened out her pillow,
And her head sunk in real deep.
He pulled his covers over her
And they both went fast to sleep

She dreamed he was a bear,
With thick and cozy fur.
She cuddled up on top of him.
He was always there for her

They explored the icy north,
Seeing all the wonderous sights.
They didn’t need the sun or moon,
They had the Northern Lights.

And from then on, The Single Bed, 
Really loved the night. 
For dreaming dreams together,
Made everything all right.

And that monster under him?
He knew there'd be no trouble.
Especially in a year or two
When he grew up - into a double.

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A king and queen bed tell a bedtime story to their single bed, who’s afraid to go to sleep.


They tell her a story that she’s her childs protector in dreamland, using her covers to save her from monsters, her thick fluffy matress so the child has a place to land when they fly and a soft pillow that can be a shield. 



So if you feel your stomach tingle

Remember dear, your just a single

It’s natural to feel some hear 

But remember mom and dad are here. 

Just remember King and Queen are here. 


And though it’s true, You are correct

You’ve got your child to protect 

With every dream inside their head 

They need protection from their bed!


And all those monsters?

They’ll be no trouble.

When you grow up 

To be a double




But Single did not believe her

This was no silly game

The night was really scary

It shook him to his frame.