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One-Eyed Cat

December 14, 2020 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 14
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
One-Eyed Cat
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A one-eyed cat with the power to spot lies, finally finds her forever home in this tale of trust and friendship. It's told in rhyme and is perfect for bedtime or anytime you might be feeling a little lonely.

It's based on the true story of Harriet, a one-eyed cat who was born on the Greek island of Skiathos. She was rescued by the Skiathos Cat Welfare Association who have been helping stray and disabled cats since 2005. Please check out their website to learn more or to support their efforts.

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This episode is called One Eyed Cat. And it’s based on a true story on a cat named Harriet. You can learn more about the organization that rescued her after the story.

One-Eyed Cat

There once was a cat
With only one eye.
But that eye you see,
Could spot any lie. 

She’d liked to be petted,
But she’d become scared.
Some people were kind,
While others just glared

But she didn’t mind.
She liked it alone.
Instead of one place,
She’d much rather roam.

But when you're alone, 
It can often be
Extremely lonely.

So one day she said,
“I’m too tired to roam
I just want to find
A forever home.”

It wouldn’t be easy,
And this fact is key:
She lived on an island
In the Aegean Sea.

It was full of cats,
All shapes and colours.
Half were her sisters.
Half were her brothers.

Who’d ever choose her?
A cat with one eye? 
When beautiful cats
Weren’t in short supply?

Then one day a man,
With a name like a flower,
Came to the island. 
His mood was quite sour.

The cat looked at him
With one shining eye,
And she couldn’t spot
Even one single lie. 

So she purred, she stretched, 
She rolled on her back.
These were her weapons
For this type of attack.

The man couldn’t resist,
He was sour no more. 
He’d found the one thing
He’d been searching for.

And from that day on
They were never apart
The cat who lost an eye
Found a man with a heart.

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Harriet, the one eyed cat, was born on the Greek island of Skiathos. She was rescued by the Skiathos Cat Welfare Association, who have been helping stray cats and those cats with disabilities since 2005. If you’d like to learn more or support their efforts, you can find a link in the description. See you next time!