Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs

I Don't Like To Write

December 07, 2020 Peter G. Reynolds Episode 13
Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs
I Don't Like To Write
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Did you know a crayon can tell stories just as well as a pen? If you find writing tough, there are still many ways to express yourself. This is the story of one child and the power of their imagination. It's told in rhyme and is perfect for the storyteller in all of us.

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I Don’t Like To Write

Have you heard of the child
Who would never write words?
Not adjectives, nouns,
And most of all verbs. 

They hated to write them;
Every word that they saw.
But no need to worry
For this kid could draw.

Just give them a crayon,
Any colour would do,
And they’d tell you a story
Both exciting and new.

With blue, they could take you
Deep under the sea;
To meet a sea serpent
Or perhaps even three.

With white, you would travel
High up in the sky,
And bounce on a cloud 
Until you made it cry.

Purple made a dragon,
Who just wanted to eat
A prince with a sword;
Who looked tasty and sweet.

Now pink was their favourite.
They would draw ghosts and ghouls. 
Do you think that is strange?
Why? There aren’t any rules. 

The sun can be green.
A bear can be red.
Especially of course,
If he hasn’t been fed.

A black and white rainbow,
A dark yellow lake, 
A peach crocodile,
A tangerine snake,

They could tell any story
With a curve and a line.
Just give them a crayon
And they’d be just fine.

So if you don’t write,
If you dance or you sing,
If you paint or you sculpt,
If you play anything.

Just remember that child
Who would only draw,
Yet told wonderful tales
That everyone saw.

You can tell your story,
Without writing words;
Like adjectives, nouns
And most of all verbs.

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